Hell Yeah, I am a Runner..

A lot of people asked me after my half marathon about my passion for running.
Why is it important for me. “Why put your body through so much of pain for a medal.”
I don’t think I have fitting replies for these questions but I will try.

Initially it was about losing weight. I always wanted to be skinny — I liked my skinny look better. I think that’s the reason why I started running back in 2006. It wasn’t about being fit.
Like all first timers I was a cardio bunny too. The feeling of being tired after a workout was amazing. The comfort of guilt free eating was quite tempting. My ideology changed in 2007 when I met some amazing weight-lifters. They were instrumental in steering my focus to being “fit” from being skinny. I started liking muscles better. More importantly, I was able to accept my “muscular” version.

Somewhere down the line running, turned in to passion. I am not sure why it is important for me to run. I am still in the process of figuring that part out. I am not sure why it matters so much. It is intense, illogical and totally irrational. I think we need such irrationality in our lives to feel normal. It is different for everyone and it is all about running for me.

I am just that stupid kid who thinks running is the solution to all my problem. To be honest, most days it is. I still love weight-training but running is my first love.

I enjoy every moment of movement. Every inch that I cover matters. Every second that I shave off from my time matters. It all matters.
The life that I experience in those 21.097kms is divine. I can never get enough of it. One of the best things about running is that every runner might run the same race, same distance with the same sense of being in that. But in the end we all know that, in different ways, they are in it for their own challenge.

I like the dedication that this sport requires. I am (was) not a disciplined child and I like how running has induced discipline in my life. There are crazy days too when I go out of bounds with my eating or my sleep levels go really low. I think running has balanced that weirdness of my life to a certain extent.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that running has changed my life. I look forward to my runs. Day after day. I bookmark my toughest runs after I finish them. I also add notes against them. I share my runs. I talk about my runs. I think about my runs. I dream about my runs.

Running is not about crossing the finish line. The moment you cross the first finish line it forces you to run again. I run so that I can become better than what I was yesterday. It is more about self preservation. It is about consistency and maintaining it. The personal best/ PR’s are momentarily. They last for a while and then something else takes it place — A new record or a new medal, perhaps.

Yesterday at work all the names of half marathoners were published with their timings and sent to the entire organization. My time was mentioned wrongly and it really annoyed me.
I chased the sender to get it corrected. Someone asked me why I was so particular about my race timings.. When you dream about something every waking minute that it becomes the most important thing. It matters. When you fight the odds. When you prove most of them wrong. When you defy the logic and science. Well when you are the oddball it matters. It does, big time.

I hope you understand my irrationality..
… For Life

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