..To The Surroundings

I read an interesting article about how our surroundings, friends, peers shape us.

The author says that we are nothing but the average of our surroundings. I have been trying to counter this statement but haven’t been able to do so. The more I think about it, the more I believe in it..
I looked at my life from the time I started college to understand how it has shaped me.

I didn’t realize when these experiences of my surroundings seeped in to my life, some intentionally or otherwise. There were times when I behaved very differently from who I was at that time and couldn’t understand why.

Now that I think about it all the things that define me or are distinct about me are adopted.
My love for rock music was from my best friend and a senior in school. He introduced me to “heavy metal”. With time and new friends my music preferences also changed.
I always loved doing creative/ arty-crafty stuff but when I went to college and made new friends my interest just died. They thought it was “dorky” stuff and I started believing in that. It resurfaced much later when I moved to Germany.
I always saw running as a “task” in the gym back in 2006. It was always something that I needed to get done with. When I was in Germany I made new friends and they were all in to running and that motivated me.
There have been so many things which I have learned, perfected and improvised over a period of time and I have to credit my surroundings for that.

There were times when I had sleepwalkers around me. In fact I still do, the ones without any focus on anything in life. The ones with no desire to learn and every time you asked or encouraged them to do something they would show zero enthusiasm. With time I now know how not to get influenced by them.

Yes I am a believer in the theory that our experiences, situations, peer group, surroundings shape us. The other day I had a very interesting conversation. Would you rather be a star amidst average people or the average Joe striving to be a star? I have been at both ends. What do I prefer? I prefer being a learner surrounded by stars and aspiring to be one. It just feels like the right thing. I have always believed in the fact that learning should never end. I don’t ever want to feel that I have achieved everything. There is no fun in that. The challenge is to keep excelling and setting the benchmark high and higher..

Now that we are discussing friends, peers, colleagues etc, Let me share two things with you. I have formed a unique bond with some of the ladies in the gym that I go to. We are all from different age groups and from different walks of life. We all workout in the gym for our own reasons. We have our own goals and targets. We fight our battles day in and day out. There is a sense of kinship with these ladies. I am the youngest one and they don’t treat me like a kid but as an equal. We have our different workout plans yet I love working out and sharing tid-bits of life with them

Who could have thought that a few words and talking about food could bring people together? Well it did. I got in touch with some of the bloggers (R& P mainly) and we are already catching up on food secrets, life and hopefully will meet someday.

This article has given me a lot of hope because I might imbibe good things. Someday.

Amen to that..

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