This is Good Writing

Good writing can be characterized by many things. Personally, good writing is authentic, raw, and factual. Nobody wants to read a sugar-coated, falsified version of something. It is very easy to see through a piece that was written from bits and pieces of scattered information because it does not flow properly. Good writing is informative and gets the point across.

When something is well written, it does not need to have more words than necessary just to embellish the story being told. Time is another important aspect of a good piece of writing. When words are well thought out, it can make all the difference in the overall energy of the piece.

Good writing is also direct, it does not go in a million different directions before actually hitting on the topic. It is not enjoyable to read a piece that does not touch on the main topic until half way through the story. Pushing the topic off can cause confusion and can even prevent the effectiveness of the writing from hitting its maximum potential.

Another important aspect to good writing is learning to be opinionated without being rude. A reader can get easily become offended and stop engaging in the writer’s piece if they feel attacked. With that being said, sometimes it is best to restrain from being aggressive with opinions.

Similarly, relating to the reader is one of the most effective ways to accomplish a good piece of writing. Reader’s enjoy being able to understand what the writer is saying and have the ability to relate on some level. This can be achieved by using practical examples and attempting to integrate situations that are common in the current day.

Another way to achieve good writing is to ensure that support is being incorporated. Writing is more believable and credible when there is evidence and support of what is being written. Good writing is also intriguing, it keeps the reader wondering what will come next and leaves them wanting more. Finally, good writing has heart at the center. Passion is attractive in a piece of writing. A good read is always one that was written from a place of heart and passion.