Lauren Modery

Personally, my husband and I are trying to make sustainable tiny living a real thing for us. We are at the point in our lives that the kids have grown and we are tired of the clutter of life.

I believe that tiny living can work, but you have a different set of variables to consider in designing your space.

Personally, constantly being inside human constructed boxes for hours on end every day of ones life and constantly looking at screens instead of actually living in this beautiful world we live in is a shame worse than the smelling of farts.

While designing our tiny house in the Sonoran Desert in a minimalistic way I want to design for most of our living to actually be outdoors in the environment I actually live in. I do worry if it is raining for days on end how to mitigate being stuck in the tiny house. So, I think the location and weather conditions one tries to live tiny is an important factor to be considered. That being said, summer in the desert will be difficult — indeed. So, for us…either we design and create systems that allow us to be happy and survive there or it is not a full-time home.

But, if you think about it, that is the same no matter where you live or the size of your house. I feel sad for those in McMansions or true mansions or WHOLE buildings in San Francisco. The carbon footprint would ethically disturb me, as in the amount of energy it takes to cool/heat it, the cost to furnish it, let alone clean the thing.

Now, if you do have children or other family living with you and you actually find need for all that space — then it works.

No style of living is for everyone or every situation.

Even with your jestful tone, it seems you are curious enough in the thought of living with less — all of us can live with less — the cool thing is that we can all create our own version of less — and maybe inspire someone else in the process.

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