2017 Highlights

Finished my first year of an undergraduate degree in Creative Computing with respectable grades, having previously said I’d never go to uni.

Worked at FutureGov over the summer as an intern in the delivery team and loved every moment of it (and missed them every moment since). I got to work on some cool projects around ways into work and rural public transport, as well as some product stuff.

Represented Major League Hacking, and supported student hackathon organisers in delivering DurHack (Durham), StrathHack (Glasgow), BullHacks (Birmingham) AstonHack (Birmingham), FMICodes (Bulgaria), HackSheffield (Sheffield), HackNotts (Nottingham).

Became president of Hacksmiths (after a year as Vice President), and have seen a massive increase in members, event attendees and community diversity. I’m very proud to have such an awesome team. We made it into a primetime BBC1 documentary, The Observer, ELLE UK, and the Goldsmiths Annual Review, as well as winning ‘event of the year’ at our Student Unions’ awards for Sex Tech Hack.

Since summer, we’ve run DoC.Hack (a community-building event), HEBOCON (robot wars for the technically ungifted), a weekly co-working space, a monthly workshop, Sex Tech Hack II and Local Hack Day.

Ran a hackathon for the Royal Society for Blind Children, UKGovHack and Hack the Police 2, and delivered a few technical workshops around the country.

Helped out with uve’s Non Binary in Tech Conference, Amy’s Women in Tech conference, and Isabella’s Lovelace community for female and non-binary folks interested in tech at Goldsmiths.

Some odds and sods: saw the Zelda Symphony twice more with Amy, went to New York with my aunt and had a great time, introduced Marcos to Facebook filters (namely the tiger one), canvassed for the June 8 elections and went to Greece for Myrsini’s lovely wedding.

Was generally a good one — going to be more mindful of workload this year, do more teaching (writing, workshops, online courses), and catch some more sleep.