So, this one tweet got me an internship

Well, when I say this, it’s not entirely true. It wasn’t instantaneous but it opened the door to one opportunity that lead to another, which gave me another opportunity to learn more and eventually to interning at a prestigious company with great culture, people and clients.

Below is the tweet; as you can see it only began a conversation offline. Re-reading it, I wrote like the dyslexic I am and benefitted from recognition of my enthusiasm rather than anything else.

This is the timeline of what happened, from reaching out, to eventually meeting.

So really, this tweet only began the process. But it gave me an opportunity to meet a hugely generous and intelligent person who made sacrifices to help me, even though they didn’t need to.

Social is a bloody good way to have conversations with people who are killing it and all it really takes is effort (I have reached out to others and had no reply, fair enough).

My aim in writing this piece is just to say that if I can do something like this, then I think anyone who puts in the effort, shows interest and also has some luck finding a person who is willing to help scrappers like me, can get the same outcome.

Working with this person, watching and getting stuck in to any jobs and asking questions gave me a massive insight and has helped me a step along the way to figure out bits about myself and what I want to do after Uni more than I could have hoped.