An understanding of how changes in technology impact on the way humans communicate, and the ethical issues that surround these changes.

I believe that technology has been around for many years, and throughout the year’s technology has advance in many ways. For an example the iPhones the apple company started with an iPhone three and now has currently bought out the iPhone 7 with many different changes from the screen sizes to the actually technology from no touch id sensor to using a touch id for everything you want to log into. The way it has affected peoples communication is massive, back in the older days communication was just done through a basic text message, when now communication is done through drawing pictures to each other, communicating through sending photos (snapchat), through commenting on peoples photos (Instagram) and all different kinds of messaging Facebook messenger, text message, imessage, what’s app, kik, viber. The ways the communication has been affected is the basic form of people becoming anti social and no one talking in person, the more the technology advances and better ways of communication become known, the more this generation, plus the older, even the younger generations will want to base their whole life on using their devices. Communication becoming more advance has one bad disadvantage which relates to ethical issues, advancing the technology has opened many portals for the digital world to become dangerous for their users, these days it is so easy for someone to hack into a person account and find out all their information in matters of seconds. When it comes to privacy most communication apps have a privacy agreement at the beginning of signing up that ensure everything will be kept safe which in reality their accounts can still be hacked into. Other ethical issues that relate back to the way communication has progressed over the year is the amount of copyright that has been in progress. Copyright is definitely not a good thing in the digital world as it is just basic copying, for an example instagram has recently made an update that allows users to upload stories for 24 hours so people can view, it sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well yes its similar to snapchat, Instagram has taken that idea and put it in their app. Overall I understand that technology has progressed over many years and the way communication has changed is drastic and it will continue change and the more it changes the more the ethical issues will be tested.

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