Rachio + You = 1 Billion Gallons Saved

Last week, the Rachio community reached a milestone — more than 1 billion gallons of water saved on outdoor water use.

That’s billion with a “B.” Kind of a big deal.

At Rachio, we have a passion for saving water to ensure its availability for future generations — but to do that, we need forces on the ground. That’s where you came in.

You, the forward-thinking, water-saving, Rachio-using dynamos who refused to accept overwatering as the status quo for yard care. Maybe watching wasted water dribble down the sidewalk motivated you to find a solution. Maybe you were just looking for an easier way to water. Or maybe you just love really, really, ridiculously good smart gadgets.

Whatever your reason for taking control with Rachio, you’re part of the big picture now. Thanks to you, we’re a billion gallons closer to securing water for future generations.

That’s enough water to support 2.5 million people for one month. Or to…

  • Shower every person in Colorado 22 times
  • Support 7,800 American households for a year
  • Fill 74,000 average-sized swimming pools
  • Flush 200 million toilets
  • Bathe 167 million puppies
  • Water 20 million elephants for one day

You get the picture. A LOT of water. The best part, though, is that number is only a fraction of where we are headed. As more and more people take your lead in maximizing watering efficiency with a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, together we can hit the next milestone, and the next.

You are the yard pioneers, the water heroes that started the revolution. Let’s spread the word and make that billion gallon number grow. Share our Facebook post, retweet our achievement, or send your friends to rachio.com to show them how to get smart with water.

This community has taken the first steps toward managing one of Earth’s most critical resources — and it’s making a difference. Rachio couldn’t be prouder to give homeowners the power to take control of water usage and bring us closer to achieving our mission.

One billion gallons equals 50 million beers, so let’s raise a glass. Celebrate 1 billion gallons saved with Rachio!

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