The Problem with Udacity Nanodegree Program

Rahul Verma

Last year I enrolled in Machine Learning Foundation Nanodegree at Udacity. The intent was simple, pay for a well designed curriculum and make progress as time permits. However, I couldn’t devote the requisite time and now the course is locked. Yes, the course is locked. If you read the FAQ, you’ll understand that:

A Nanodegree , is like a online college semester where everything(including the course material) is provided to you for a fixed charge. At the end, you will lose access to all resources, including course material. If you want to access it again, pay more money.

And that’s the problem. I am not demanding access to their online panels/specialists to help me solve my problems, or evaluate my work free of charge. What I want is to have access to course materials without paying any extra buck, I think my $150 at least amounts to that.

However, if I am expecting too much, then Udacity should mention this in bold on their nanodegree home pages:

“All resources, including the study material will be locked at end of the term, so either finish in time, or be ready to pay more, or fuck off.”

So much for the fucking MOOC revolution.

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