Travel May Be Awesome, but Traveling Still Sucks
Jake Peters

I always try to combine traveling with other things that I rarely get to.

That’s one of the reasons why I don’t fly for other reasons than business any more, at least within Europe.

I now prefer driving.

Even though driving usually takes longer than flying, I don’t see the time as lost, because while driving I can:

  • have long conversations with my girlfriend
  • visit places on our way
  • listen to audiobooks and podcasts that I never get to
  • see the changing scenery and landscapes

A few months ago, we drove 1000km from Berlin to Italy and back just to hike there for two days.

And now, we’re taking it even further. I’m writing this sitting in a rented camper on the Irish West Coast. We drove here all the way last week, almost 2000km from Germany. And tomorrow we’re heading back.

We were driving all around Ireland the past days, and I really enjoyed it. We finished several audiobooks and we kept stopping at interesting castles, beaches and towns.

I think that if you take it easy you can make traveling really enjoyable.

At least I do.

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