E! News Interview: Meet the newest housewife of YouTube

Well this morning we are joined by one of the newest housewives of The Real Housewives of YouTube.

Hey Rick, how’re you today? Right, we have had so many questions today. But we have chosen the best five for you.

So Hannah from YouTube asks,

What’s it like being a newbie? And who did you click with the most, but more importantly who did you clash with the most?

Hey, thank you for having me today!

Hi Hannah, to be honest with you it was great to catch up with an old friend, get back into the YouTube scene however I must admit, at the start it was quite overwhelming when all the girls and I met up for the first time. There are just so many different personalities.

I clicked with Nate the most, we’ve been old friends for over 20 years so we just carried on from where we left off. I actually got along with Dee and Vix at the start however as the season goes on you’ll see that things are changing on YouTube.

We had Dee on last week, and he said you were Nates puppet? Have you got anything to say about that?

The ladies don’t seem to understand the meaning of loyalty. I’m not he kind of person to throw away a 20 year friendship and I will always defend my girls right or wrong. I just think some of them are jealous because they would throw a long-time friendship for another 15 minutes.

Interesting indeed, well we have to say Rick from what we have heard, it seems like this is going to be an explosive season.

Which brings us to ask you the next question from Heather who is also from YouTube, she asks;

If you could fire one housewife from next season, who would it be and why?

Oooh, we picked a tough question for you there, didn’t we Rick!

*laughs* can I say all of them? I’m not petty like that, that is something for the producers to decide unlike some of the other ladies who like to talk a lot to production behind the scenes. I think we’ve all gone through this process together this year so it would be sad for anyone to get fired, or would it? *laughs*

I love that you replied to that question, with such class but also a hint of shade. *laughs*

You seem quite a firecracker Rick, we cannot wait until you’re on our screens Monday!

Michael from Twitter asks, what made you want to become a housewife?

*laughs* the best position is on top right?

Well Michael, I’m not a housewife just yet.

*shows off engagement ring*

But for me to be a part of this show was an amazing experience, getting to know some of these ladies and having fun was the reason I wanted to be a housewife and I’m so grateful I’ve been given the opportunity.

That actually leads up to our next question for you, which was asked by Liam from Twitter also, he asks;

Have you been married before? And do you have any children?

I haven’t been married before Liam, I’ve just been so driven on my career that I’ve put my personal life to the back however I am engaged. His name is Josh and he is just an amazing man who works so hard to make sure his family has everything they need. We also have a daughter, her name is Daisy and she is four years old and the most adorable little girl you could imagine! I would like to have more though so maybe next season Liam.

Aww thats adorable Rick, will we see much of you fiancée and daughter on the show?

And finally, the last question we have for you is from Rebecca;

She asks describe this season in three words.

Aw thank you, I do hope that the viewers get to see a different side of me, I can be quite fiery but I’m loyal and I’m caring and hopefully you’ll get to see that side of me in my home.

Three words, wow, that is hard. I have many words to describe this season but I’ll go with, out of control *laughs*

Well we are looking forward to the premiere on Monday;

Thank you for stopping by Rick.

The Real Housewives of YouTube premieres on the 31st of July at 9/8c

You do not want to miss it, thanks again Rick!

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