At QSSTUDIO, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of clients from various backgrounds, whether we are helping them create a mobile app from scratch, improving existing web platforms, or otherwise helping them to utilise the cloud in creative ways and more. Some of the most interesting stories have come from our startup clients. It is with great pleasure that we want to start sharing some of our client’s stories, so you can see how they are creating new products for a better world.

Today we’re chatting with Wendy Chan, the co-founder and CEO of PackMojo, a Hong…


We are truly living in unprecedented times. It goes without saying that there is tragic loss of life around the world, whilst at the same time, our venture into the 21st century is further accelerating. Nobody could have predicted a global pandemic to happen exactly in 2020. Yet, it has forced a “work-at-home revolution” upon our doorsteps, for those who are lucky enough to retain employment.

It is also very important that during these times, we should not lose hope and faith in humanity. We are capable of doing amazing things, given the right conditions. …

I’m no mask expert.

In fact, I knew fairly little about types of face masks until early 2020, when they began to be used widely within China to combat the coronavirus originating from Wuhan, China in late 2019. Realising the potential severity of COVID-19, and due to the lack of general availability of face masks from late January onwards, I scrambled to find ways to source them.

For background: as someone who was born in Hong Kong, I am familiar with the SARS crisis of 2003. I know that the hygiene culture of people in Hong Kong was forever changed…

Robin Tang

Founder at QSSTUDIO. Loves all things innovation and tech related. Full time casual darts player.

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