An open letter to all of you!

It’s 2:47 pm — Wednesday afternoon, and I am stagnating in my office. Stagnating. I had usual lunch comprising of oily and spicy curry and Indian bread, and it’s time my head demands a nap. Sadly I can’t do that in here- not that because it would get me fired, but I might drift into deep sleep and might end up snoring. It is the embarrassment I want to avoid. It’s 2:50 pm now. It is time they serve afternoon tea.

I don’t have much to do in the office these days, and I keep browsing the internet trying to find some new stuff. Today I discovered this platform. Seems pretty decent place to puke my rants . I have a diary too, but I don’t write on it, I kind of scribble or doodle some random stuff — like a knife or a flag of an imaginary country. That depends on what strikes my mind.

I want to write more, but before that I would like to take a look around this platform and see what all it’s got. I hope to stay here longer.

Btw — my tea hasn’t come yet.

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