Dealing as a victim and a friend

I have never felt so alone

Alone in a crowded room, that old saying, but it’s me

It was the hardest

I was at the darkest of times

The definition of plain cruelty

Mean actions without moral intentions

I was a child seeking for love

A child seeking for validity in the wrong places

A child seeking for security when home was in ruins

It has been years.

I am in a constant battle

Between showing how strong I was by brushing it off

I still smile at him as if he hadn’t tainted me

And stuck between wanting to crumble and give

To finally lose it and shoot back

Which version proves you strong?

The worst thing

A victim could ever do

Is get tired of trying

And that I did

I got tired of trying to prove my story

I got tired of convincing of explaining

Explaining a nightmare you’d kill to forget

Another worst thing a victim could ever do

Is believe the nonbelievers

Maybe this was normal

Maybe this is how things go

Stuck in circles where victims play safe with their offenders

Carefully plotting actions that won’t trigger their pure evilness

Pretending what he did could be brushed off

Can you imagine how damaging that was?

Believing the damagers are damaged

To feel sorry and fit tragic puzzle pieces to this sad poor creature

Giving validation to their corruption



Victims must learn that their actions are all they are