Tomorrow is Friday, which means I will see my family for a total of six hours over the course of the next three days due to my work schedule. I am not looking forward to this reality in the slightest, especially in light of how my week has been thus far. I am not sure how your week is going. Maybe it has been great, or maybe not so great. The last few months have been some of the hardest of my life. Honestly, I can not tell you the last day I have not cried at some point or another. BUT if there is one thing that Holy Spirit in all her infinite wisdom keeps whispering to me in the middle of all the ‘not so great’ it is,


Read it again. Say it out loud.
Again, but slowly this time. Now Scream it.
Let those words sink into your heart.







Now breathe.

Like I said, I do not know where you are today or what your life has been like recently but I know for a fact that you or I have no need to pretend like we have it all together. God does not ask that from us. He gives us permission to come to him with all our issues and problems right out in the open. He loves us right where we are, exactly as we are.

That’s good news for a guy like me. I hope that’s good news for you too. Maybe not today but someday when you feel like everything is tearing apart at the seams and you can not bare the weight of it all you will remember that God has given you permission to not be strong and not have it altogether. He has given you permission to cry, to scream, to break down, to cuss, to be mad at the world, and to even be mad at Him.

Hold fast. The dawn will soon come.


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