I got the confirmation this morning that I was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for 2018–19, my second (last year’s award was a tweener for logistical purposes). It’s a honor and privilege to be re-awarded this prestigious honor. My area of focus is Microsoft Azure.

Reflecting back, the past 12…

“Years of experience” = vanity metrics.

When software teams search for new team members to add, most, if not all, such search filters involve “years of experience” and a large laundry list of skills as focal points.

Using this concoction of “years of experience” and laundry list of skills as…

The data presented to us is being techwashed, and real world items are being pushed below the fold.

The other night, I wanted to learn more about Rust (the programming language). So I googled “rust” with no context. This brought up the results:

Google results (desktop)

So, yay, Google showed me exactly what…

The role of the in-house developer is vital and often underutilized. When companies bring in consultants, they do it for one of these reasons:

  1. Add manpower — project needs to get done sooner
  2. Add specialization — team needs a specialist (DBA, for instance)

3. Bolster skillset — team has junior/mid-level…

I enjoy working with and talking to recent grads/entry level software professionals. Recently, I had a recent graduate ask me what they should do to gain experience in the software field while they were looking for full time gigs. My (not-so-short paraphrased) answer:

Do side projects — build something, build…

I turned 40 recently, including nearly 2 decades (in 2018) in the software industry. So I thought it was a good time to reflect on a few life lessons learned. I’ll start with something with something I struggled with (still do but to a lesser extent) — being more social.

Santosh Hari

Microsoft #Azure MVP | Technologist | Team Leader | @Onetug #OrlandoCC | #GoNoles | wannabe polyglot

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