Snapshot of sample output

How we achieved accuracy of over 90% after reading 800+ transactions

At Inkredo, we perform flow-based credit assessment to determine the monthly repaying capacity of a customer. Our customers are small & underbanked retailers who are running a bootstrapped and consistently profitable business, yet they remain excluded from formal credit. Formal institutions have shied to lend to lower-middle income group because…

A Proof-Of-Concept for a real-time personal virtual trainer for physiotherapy exercises.

Pose estimation on a woman doing jumping jacks

Physiotherapy treatments are usually long-running as it takes time to restore a person’s movement. One has to perform the same set of exercises for a few months every day with the correct posture to regain the movement. Visiting a physiotherapist for every session can be pretty expensive and not everyone…

Samkit Jain | Principal Engineer at

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