The Journey to Cue’s Visual Identity

Recapping the discoveries made during reading week

I don’t know why I am struggling so hard to develop a visual identity for my product but the only way to get anywhere is to actually try. Some experiments failed while others were super successful!

A Logo

Man this was long time coming. The word “cue” was sort of hard to represent visually and I didn’t want to use a speech bubble or educational imagery. So after playing many different things I came up with concept. My logo is sort of quirky and abstract but I see a hidden face within it haha which I like :)

Developing Colour Scheme

Currently playing with bolder colours like this blue which I am liking so far. I also added some polka dots behind the big blue square. Choosing a colour scheme is something I was struggling with — maybe because I am lacking visuals and there is just a textbox, text and buttons. But it’s getting there.

Creating Visual Assets

I have been putting the creation of visual assets off but I am finding it very necessary. I have been trying different illustrative voices and I am liking the hand drawn feel and just filling in the illustration with a few colours. I will work off this concept so that my product can finally come alive visually.

Useful to make an app?

So I was thinking over the reading week that many people will like this product to be travel friendly so pursing some app mockups is very worthwhile. With the limited time I would not be able to create a full fleshed app. BUT I want to create maybe a couple of screen to demonstrate that there is an app or is mobile friendly!

Next Steps

  • Finalize all the visuals
  • Finish all the necessary screens for both web and mobile
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