Week 4: Flow and More Wires!

Originally updated on Jan 28

This weekend I had somewhat of a internal self doubt because I wasn’t sure if I was making a product that was too similar to already existent products — to similar to language learning apps (even though my platform is not for language learning haha)

I was also very unhappy with the look and feel of the wires (even though they were just wires) I made last week. I think I was just attacking all the wires without much knowledge in how my platform worked all together.

So to clarify my product for myself I made a flowchart of the inner workings of my platforms so I knew where the problems would emerge for the user and whether or not I needed to actually wireframe ALL these screens for my final product.

Wireframes !

Before I deep dived into making wireframes I just got tired of using a rectangle for a placeholder for my platform name so I brainstormed some below:

  • Cue
  • Cue Cue
  • QQ
  • Cuesais
  • Cuesai
  • Cuesaii
  • Cuesei

I reallly liked the name Cue but wasn’t too sure if already existed (as every name has been taken) so I just went with Cuesais (kind of like what the cue says then I took a spin on how I actually spelt says)for the time being and in the wireframes.

The exercise page where I included filters so that the user can choose an exercise that only includes emojis, spacial time or different pronunciation. Then the screen to the right is a prompt screen that tells user the purpose and benefits of engaging with this exercise
This was a huge struggle for me because it was hard to layout all the questions with a way to answer the question so I have been playing with these versions
How to show the user whether they answered the question correctly/incorrectly
Maybe have lessons inbetween questions to give new users more context into the importance of each exercise
Discussion page for users to engage with other members of the community if they have questions about the exercise
Just a results page for when the user is complete
The community page. On the left is where users can view and answer topics. The right screen is what happens when the user clicks into it

Next Steps and Critique Discussion

  • So after critique on Jan 30, Jamie basically said the platform name should be Cue instead haha (which I am so onboard with)
  • About my self doubts — that it is hard to make “innovative” steps but Jamie believes that I will be able to accomplish what I want
  • Jamie also wanted me to create a user journey so that I could get a sense of which screens were needed to be made
  • Moving forward — I will try to make my platform more “me” once I actually get to jazz it up this coming weekend
  • I have to finalize all the content for the actual platform because it will affect my overall designs — so I have to tackle the exercise questions thoughtfully and the rest of the text portions
  • Basically, come up with a look and feel and make progress in a fidelity version of Cue :)
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