Leaving high school was the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders. I know it is quite dumb for an 18 year old to say knowing they don’t have lots of stress or responsibilities compared to actual adults, but I was not kidding. High school was not a sucky experience for me I LOVED IT, but what I really struggled with was the actual schooling and learning part. I have ADHD which is sort of common in people but with me it came in spurts of stress periods. Everytime I would stress about an exam or I would be drowning in work, it would kick in. A total disaster. No concentration, no motivations, lots of failing grades.

I had a total of 4 years to try and control it but every year it seemed to be harder. In my senior, I started to get overwhelmed because I was about to be done with high school. My teachers were very understanding of my constant struggle with school and they would often cut me some slack. I started to freak out because I did not know if college was going to be the same or not. Out of my family members, I am the only one who ever attended college so I basically had no one to help me transition. I was not a bad student, I never went out to parties and I always tried my hardest in school. But this problem I had was uncontrolable. It would gain power with more stress I had and I could not control how much stress I had (hello i’m a high school teenage girl!)

High school ended. New beginnings. College time.

College days seemed good. Great friends, more freedom, lots of fun! I would often have trouble with my assignments since I took 5 classes, and my ADHD would sometimes get the best of me. I tried to decide if I should talk to my professors about it but the anxiety of maybe thinking it would not turn out like high school just defied me.

“Last night took an L but tonight I bounce back.” — Big Sean

Quote I lived for through my first college semester. It was crazy but COLLEGE itself taught me how to understand my problem/condition and learn how to deal with it. Sure, I took massive L’s in assignments and finals, but it has taught me work with it. It is nothing that I can change nor see pity on. College has taught me that you have to take massive L’s to gain W’s. Thank you to my ADHD.

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