How to make a website for free in under an hour.

Sean McDonnell
4 min readAug 3, 2018

A month ago my friend Max from the gym, a Digital Marketing Professor at Miami Dade Community college, asked if I would guest lecture his class. I was flattered and thought, if I was a student it would be cool to see how to make a resume style website for free in under an hour with Github, Atom, and a bootstrap template. So below is the tutorial that I created and shared with the class earlier this week:

Getting started - fire up a synthwave livestream to get in the mood.


Download to documents

From downloads folder, right click on zip file — choose open in finder

Drag to documents folder

Double click to open


  • On Mac (Command + Space, type “Terminal”)
  • Type: cd~
  • Type: cd documents
  • Type: cd startbootstrap-resume-gh-pages
  • Type: atom .

Atom will open, it should look like this:

Click on the index.hmtl file and edit the code (your name, education, professional experience, whatever other resume content you have, etc.) Use “Command + F” to find any part of the site you’d like to edit to find it quick.

Example: Add / Drag your photo to the img folder on the left:

Type “Command + F” to find profile.jpg and replace it with sean_photo.jpeg (whatever your file name is)

After you edit content, hit command + i to see a preview of what you’ve edited.

To update the social links — edit the "#" (The first one is for facebook, 2nd for twitter, third LinkedIn, and fourth Github.

Once you’ve updated content to your new website and are ready to share it with your friends — its time to push it to Github.

If you don’t have a Github account, create one, and try to include your name in the account.

After you create an account, you create a repository.

Create the repository

Keep this page open:

Go back to Terminal-

Type: Git init

Type: Git status

This shows you all of the updates to your files in that directory.

Type: Git add .

Type: git commit -m "my first commit"

copy and paste these two commands one at a time into the terminal from the page we still have open:

git remote add origin

git push -u origin master

Now refresh the github page you had open, it should look like this:

Go to the settings tab and scroll down to Github Pages:

Click master branch and hit save.

Scroll back down to the GitHub pages section and check out the link to your new website:

There are a lot of different ways to do this — this is what worked for me, I hope it helps!