My Instagram got hacked, here’s how I fixed it.

This morning I saw I received three emails last night from Instagram about a new login, my phone number removed, and my email address changed.

Weird, that wasn’t me, let me click the link to change my password.

Panic setting in… Let’s check the next email.

I clicked revert this change and…

Ok, maybe this third email will save the day.

Some hacker-bot guessed my password, logged into my account, changed my password, removed my phone number from the account, and changed the email associated.

When I clicked revert this change …

Here’s how I got access back to my account.

  1. I went to facebook and was able to login to my instagram account, however once I was in my account I was unable to reset my password because I didn’t know the new hacker password.
  2. I deleted the email address that was associated with the account, reverted it back to mine, and entered in my phone number in my account details from the Phone confirmation page. They sent me a text to confirm my account.
  3. Once your phone and email are confirmed, then you can reset you password without having to know the hacker version. Reset Password.

In short, as long as your facebook is connected to your instagram you can log back in, remove the new email, update your phone number, get text confirmation and change the password back.

I hope this helps someone. I’m changing all my passwords.