This was where I struggled with it.
Meghan Keaney Anderson

Hi Meghan, my feeling is that on platforms like Slack, you have to add yourself to a channel in order to get to know updates from a particular team. On Slack, let’s say a typical employee is part of 5 channels, they have to manually add themselves to additional channels in order to stay informed of updates from other teams. Most people don’t do that because it feels like a lot of overload to be on each channel and stay on top of each channel’s updates.

However, on Workplace, you don’t really have to explicitly “join” other teams’ groups to be up to date with what’s happening in those teams. As long as these groups are open, you can get to know what they’re up to because these updates appear in the newsfeed. Because you don’t have to do the task of joining these groups, you don’t feel like you’re overloading yourself with information.

Since these open updates are likely to appear in the news feed for everyone, more people start interacting with it. Of course, all of this is my speculation so feel free to object this if you happen to try it out :)

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