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Here is the list of 41 places where you can easily list your business/startup, depending upon the category and location your startup belongs to.

Facebook- Give your brand, business or cause a voice on Facebook and connect with the people who matter to you.

Google- Get your business hours, phone…

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I found these tools really very interesting, worth using and helpful. So just thought of sharing with you all.

Here is the list of 100+ tools which includes human resources management, customer relationship management, schedule a meeting etc. for managing small & medium size business effectively.

Human Resource Management

Kimono- Employee experience, empowerment…

I love travelling, how about you ? Yes! For sure. Here you’ll find out the list of startups that will help you plan a perfect travelling trip easily with your friends and family, according to your own convenience, needs & requirements.

Let’s Begin!


The first GPS that gives directions like…


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