Real World Analogy to Understand Microservices, Cloning & Monoliths

“Our services are backed by a scalable microservice architecture”, “We are planning to switch to microservices architecture”. If you are a developer, then you must have come across these phrases very often and would have definitely tried to understand — WTF is a microservice? Don’t worry! This guide will give you a solid understanding of microservice architecture using real world example. Wait! Did I mention that there isn’t any code snippet in this article?

A Big Ice cream Machine — Monolith

For a moment, let’s forget about microservices and consider an ice cream machine which has four parts — ice cream scooper, nuts shredder, chocolate funnel, and…

Key user experience insights gained while building voice solutions for healthcare

BolaAI live in pharmaceutical research lab

The genesis of voice recognition technology happened somewhere around 1950s, when it was used to understand only numbers and digits. Since then, the advancement of high speed processors, and the availability of humongous amount of data to train efficient machine learning algorithms have facilitated researchers to invent systems that can comprehend voice commands in fraction of a second. This accomplishment allows voice assistants like Alexa, or Google to sit in your pockets waiting for your next command.

Challenges in using Voice Recognition in Healthcare

Throughout our journey to build Bola, we faced four major challenges while creating a voice interface that could provide a frictionless user experience…

A Simple Guide to Understand Blockchain with a Real World Analogy — Part II

This article is the followup to Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain: Explaining it to a 5 year old”. If you haven’t checked out the first part yet, you can do that here.

In this article, we will continue with the example of parking garages presented in the part I to explain the concepts of Cryptocurrencies, Mining and Smart Contracts.

Ethereum, Bitcoin or some X-coin

Everyone of you must have heard at least once about any type of X-coin whether its Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether or any other coin. What are these? These are cryptocurrencies, getting their names from cryptography — the concept that powers the underlying technology…

A Simple Guide to Understand Blockchain with a Real World Analogy

This is a two part series. You can find the link to the follow up article at the end of this article.

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days, from your barber to your friends working at stock market. Don’t worry this article is not about several other articles talking about making money from Bitcoin. However, I will try to help you understand the underlying technology which makes Bitcoin work and how this concept of blockchain can be useful in the coming decades.

Historical Overview

October 31, 2008, a white paper from an anonymous person or organization named Satoshi Nakamoto was published…

A great user experience is perfect blend of concepts from psychology, design principles for an elegant UI, and a continuous feedback from the users. Most of the time,designers take into consideration the second factor along with some part of the third but completely neglect the importance of the first one. This eventually leads to user interfaces that create high cognitive load for the user. According to Wikipedia,

In cognitive psychology, cognitive load is the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory.

Just like, a computer works efficiently with applications taking up little memory, human brain also…

Agile framework is rapidly becoming the backbone for the companies delivering new features in quick bursts. However, during the development cycles or sprints, most of the time is still consumed in the design process — gathering user requirements, researching and finally documenting everything. This gets even worse when your team spends months in documentation of the everything, but just before the beginning of the actual development phase, the requirements change or the research conducted several months back gets obsolete. The result? — Your team has to start from the square one. …

User Experience aka UX is quite a hot topic these days amongst designers and startups. According to Don Norman & Jakob Nielsen,

User Experience encompasses all the aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

Caring about your customer’s experience becomes even more important, when products face cut throat competition in the market in the terms of functionality.

In the race of quickly releasing the new feature updates for a product,
product designers often ignore some critical steps in the design process
which eventually leads to customer dissatisfaction, and wastage of time
and resources. …

Sidharth Malhotra

Senior Software Engineer @OwnUp

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