I’ll be honest, I only read the last paragraph of this entire piece.
Wade Mason

First of all proudly stating that you failed to read the complete article is just poor taste (“look everyone I failed basic reading comprehension”)…

But let’s move on to your claim that this has nothing to do with Hollywood, because that’s where your logic escapes my grasp.

This might not be a Hollywood flick based on location but it is based on its spirit and presentation:

A white straight protagonist to save the world from devastation. A gigantic action movie that will be promoted world wide; dumbed down from greater and more complex source material.

This is basically Hollywood’s success formula since the very beginning!

Thanks to America’s cultural colonialism (derived from military strength, financial power, and the outcome of World War 2 — basically a savior complex on its own), and globalisation this film practice is used world wide.

Which means that Hollywood set the example for the rest of the world and continues to do so.
Matt Damon is an actor internationally known because directors in Hollywood chose to offer him roles; all the talent in the world wouldn’t have done jack shit for Matt if he wouldn’t have been able to fit into the white hero mold.
Yes the Chinese production team seems to think that a white actor will generate more fame and make the movie more profitable — but whose fault is that?
When a Chinese movie “needs” an American actor as its hero it is the effect of whitewashing. Whitewashing that has its origins in Hollywood. This makes it Hollywood’s problem…

Whether it’s your condescending tone, your attempt of making this an America vs China problem, or your assumption that everyone will treat your claims as facts because you said so, this feels like you are not interested in discussing but rather in spreading your ignorance!

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