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Why do I write?

Probably because it is the form of creation and self expression that is easiest for me. I don’t have the skills for painting or drawing, nor do I have the musical knowledge to compose. Someday I will probably be able to express myself through the lens of games (gonna start working on that degree in October) and maybe music (so far it’s nothing more than simple short melodies).

Writing is the one thing that does not require me to learn so many confusing new things — I can just type away and worry about it later. You can’t see my constantly shacking hands (doctor says it’s genetic) when I write or how I edited one part over and over again — I get to present something I am proud of and get comments about the actual content and not about how my lines are all shaky and blurred…

Why on Medium?

Because it seems to be less lonely than writing on my own little blog or saving my ramblings to a text file. Plus I don’t have to agonize for days over what design, font, etc. I would like to use. With no excuses between me and my writing I have to actually start and not procrastinate forever!

Also because the articles on here are genuinely interesting so I just have to spill my opinion all over them!

Writing here and in English, not in German, allows me to put some space between me and my feelings. Plus it is some great practice!

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