A tale of USC — Major, Ali Aintrazi, SCG Syracuse, and myself.
Amanda Stevens

Amanda, you are your own worst enemy. Can you for a moment put yourself in Ali’s shoes? He sees a stranger and imagines he is being friendly and joking with you. You don’t have to be a perpetual victim, and other people wronging you does not fall on Ali’s shoulders. The guy wanted TO BE FRIENDLY AND WELCOME YOU.

You call it harassment. Even after he apologizes you can only attribte ill will on his part. This isn’t tolerance, and this isn’t how inclusivity is won.

Please, from those of us trying to actually increase understanding and awareness of marginalized groups, STOP. You had an opportunity to gain one more person who could better understand trans people. Instead, you have wrought havoc to harm this person because others have harmed you. Have you for a moment thought how this will affect people interaction with marginalized groups in the future? You think strangers are going to want to interact with a group of people who can devastate them for a faux pas? Hurting other people won’t fix the wrongs you’ve been done, or the pain they cause[d].

All this opportunity and goodwill squandered because you lashed out a someone who quite clearly meant you no harm.

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