Deutsche Bank X Smartify

Mar 6, 2018 · 2 min read

It might surprise you that this finance giant has a wonderful art collection! Do spreadsheets and painting really go together? We were so intrigued that we headed behind the scenes at Deutsche Bank’s U.K. offices to get a sneak peek of some of the the incredible art on their walls.

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Anish Kapoor, ‘Turning the World Upside III’ (1996) and Damien Hirst ‘Biotin Maleimide’ (1995)

On arrival we quickly realised that banking isn’t always just numbers and spreadsheets, the Deutsche Bank office walls are adorned with beautiful and interesting things to look at too. Deutsche Bank are one of the biggest corporate champions of art and artists. Supporting the arts is a fundamental part of their identity as a company.

For thirty five years (in fact ever since they opened their London building) Deutsche Bank has been collecting amazing art-works. Rather than buying works just as investments to hold in secure vaults, never to be seen again, they work with contemporary artists and buy directly from them. Best of all, DB’s collection is on display all around their offices for staff and clients to enjoy every day. The numerous conference rooms, hallways, corridors and reception areas are filled with some of the finest works of 20th and 21st century art.

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Bridget Riley. ‘Red Dominance’, ‘Blue Dominance’ and ‘Green Dominance’, (1977)

What we love most about this collection and Deutsche Bank’s philosophy is the focus on enjoyment and education. Their dedicated Art team looks after the collection and use the motto “Art builds. Art questions. Art transcends borders. Art works.”­. The goal is for employees to enjoy and learn from the artworks around them, to be inspired, and to be critical, curious and innovative. Staff and investors are frequently invited on guided tours of the art collection as well as artist studio visits. In doing this they, open up conversations about the collection, challenge preconceptions, and demand reflection. All of which, it is hoped, will also make their employees more successful as business leaders.

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