The year in a scan

2017 on Smartify

The numbers are in! We took a look back at the trends of 2017 to see which artworks and museums were most popular with Smartify users.

Enjoy the infographic below and read on for our three key findings.

Three key findings:

  • The substantial interest in Smartify internationally indicates there is a global audience who want to access information about art in a convenient and elegant way.
  • There is a clear appetite for old master paintings from younger museum audiences. Smartify users tend to be between the ages of 18–34. Mobile technology is clearly a great way to increase art access for this group!
  • 15% of Smartify users are over 55 years old. One of our priorities is to ensure Smartify app is accessible for all. Features such as reading text wall labels out loud or increasing artwork size, have allowed older audiences or those with visual impairments to discover artwork stories.