TLDR — I really like this machine, it is portable, fast, quiet, and comfortable to work on for hours at a time.

When I read about Apple’s announcement of the new M1 MacBook Pro featuring the Apple M1 Chip, I must admit, it made me a bit excited about Macs again for the first time in a long time. 15 years to be exact, as the last time I felt this way was when Apple announced the transition from PPC to Intel at WWDC back in 2005. …

Upper East Side

TLDR — It is now possible to create integer partitioned tables in BigQuery. This post will talk about what that means, how to leverage it, and finally walk through a few scenarios demonstrating the benefits of it.

If you weren’t paying close attention to the latest GCP announcements, you may have missed the announcement of BigQuery Integer Range Partitioning is now in Beta. This is a long awaited feature for teams that wish to partition their data by a value other than a date. …

Github Code Search

TLDR — If you are looking for an easy way to query a public dataset, you should definitely check out Big Query’s publicly available datasets, and chances are you will find the dataset you are looking for.


Late one Sunday afternoon, I found myself browsing around a few high profile JVM projects on GitHub and noticed that they all used different build tools. The build tools were spread across Gradle, Maven, and SBT. After seeing this, started wondering what the actual distribution was for the different build tools on GitHub. …

Flatiron NYC

TLDR — In this post I will walk through how to use BigQuery’s new capability of querying Hive Partitioned Parquet files in GCS. It is a really cool feature..

I have a huge interest in Data Lakes, especially when it comes to the query engines that are capable of querying cloud object stores like Spark, Presto, Hive, Drill, among others. With that being said, when Google Cloud announced that BigQuery has beta support for querying Parquet and ORC files in Google Cloud Storage, it really peaked my curiosity. Thus, had no choice but to find a large dataset in Parquet…

Steven Levine

Working @GCPcloud , Hacker, Programmer, Cycling Geek, Scala Enthusiast, who is fascinated with all things Data, Cloud, and Internet Scale. Opinions are my own.

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