“He’s fed his family, but he hasn’t fed himself”

The use of food banks continues to rise in the UK, but what was once a last resort for the homeless or unemployed now supports an increasing number of working families relying on charity to feed their children.

The People’s Takeaway is a sensitive initiative that cares for the dignity of people suffering in poverty. © East Durham Trust
A feature of the charity projects in East Durham is how previous clients return to volunteer and help their community. © East Durham Trust
Donations and volunteers are an essential part of charity work in the UK. © East Durham Trust
The need for three day emergency food parcels in East Durham has increased by 200% in the past year.
© S.Poole
Universal Credit has had a huge impact on people in deprived areas such as East Durham. © East Durham Trust
The East Durham Trust is located in the town of Peterlee and supports the surrounding villages that were once all thriving mining communities. © S.Poole

Multimedia Journalist

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