Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

I really don’t care that you failed to figure out a business plan for “data will never expire”. I’m being held to pay Danegeld to you for the data that will “never expire” — 33% of 1 GB’s cost / month! Once my Karma(r) data is gone I am finished with your company, and I hope that true Karma rebounds on you for your lies. Even if other companies have a higher charge (which is also a lie, I’ve found lower charges already), you can not be trusted to keep your promises.

(and although your FAQ says I keep my data without the grandfather program Danegeld, this is not what I was told by personal communication from you. This is what I was told earlier:

“Your refuel data isn’t going anywhere and will never expire. The grandfather product allows you to keep all of your current refuel data. We are doing away with the refuel product but want to allow the opportunity for existing refuel customers to keep their data. For just $2.95 a month you can keep all of your existing data.”

id est, if I don’t pay $2.95/month I don’t keep my data. There was nothing in there about being able to purchase additional data with a service charge of $2.95 / month, just “For just $2.95 a month you can keep all of your existing data.” )

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