Tooltime 2017! Our Monthly SaaS Bill, Revisited

It’s been more than 2 years since I’ve posted about the SaaS toolkit we’re using at & Reading Christoph Janz’ post about Point Nine’s stack, I felt it’s about time to do a quick update (for myself, mostly).

A lot has changed in the past 2+ years! Our team grew from 9 to 22, which brought a lot more tools, especially in the marketing/business department. Obviously, spending increased as well, which is what I want to focus on in this post.

Some caveats:

  • We’re two SaaS products rolled into one company, so we share licenses wherever possible (legit)
  • I’ve excluded everything purely hosting (f.e AWS), but included Hosting/Ops related stuff (f.e Pingdom)
  • For products with a fulfilment-based cost component (f.e Printfection), I’ve only included the monthly, recurring base amount

Still, the total cost might be a good indication what a typical, small SaaS is spending on other SaaS in 2017 :) Without further ado, here’s our SaaS shopping list!

Some observations:

  • In total, we spend about EUR3000/month for SaaS. Given the value we get (and and share in total spending), this feels very low to me (+200%)
  • We’re currently using 31 SaaS products in total (+50%)
  • On average, we pay EUR93/month for a SaaS product (shockingly low ;)
  • Our total cost per month trippled since 2015 (more tools, more seats)
  • Most is spent on Intercom (marketing), Timr (HR), Prescreen (HR)
  • We’re still using most tools we’ve been using 2 years ago (we stopped using Crazy Egg, LiveChat [replaced by Intercom], Mandrill [replaced by Postmark] and a few others)
  • Notable newcomers include Prescreen (HR), Printfection (Swag on demand), Timr (HR)
  • Marketing & HR are the drivers of growth, in terms of cost.

That’s about it! :) Now, what’s your monthly SaaS bill look like?

CEO & Co-Founder of Die Socialisten, &

CEO & Co-Founder of Die Socialisten, &