Ruby on rails is a great framework for web development and many of the developers all over the world have over the years created marvelous websites.

Ruby on Rails is much easier to develop on Mac and Linux platform but for Windows developers , development on Windows platform has been a nightmare.

For quite a some time I have been involved in RoR development for our platform and have been using Windows setup for the development processes. The first few days were nightmare and many a time I wanted to shift to a Mac or Linux machine but I kept my stand on continuing with windows machine so as to help nascent RoR developers on Windows platform.

Setting postgres and fixing certificate errors while working with firebase and RoR took most of my initial time. Even stackoverflow did not help as postgres still release beta build for Windows platform. But after a night of debugging saved me a lot of pain.

Also while deploying on Heroku, I faced problems for precompiling the assets but then I had to switch to beta postgres gem to get that thing done.

That’s how I kept going on with my choice of not shifting to Mac or Linux for Ruby on Rails development.

I would love to share how I overcame many other obstacles on Windows platform, but not in this article.

And, I would love to connect to other Windows RoR developers and learn from their experiences.