As you are in Python 3 , use dict.items() instead of dict.iteritems()

iteritems() was removed in Python 3, so you can't use this method anymore.

Take a look at Python 3.0 Wiki Built-in Changes section, where it is stated:

Removed dict.iteritems(), dict.iterkeys(), and dict.itervalues().

Instead: use dict.items(), dict.keys(), and dict.values() respectively.

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I deployed Dokku for new my project and got some issues.
In the past, Dokku was easy to deploy, especially on Ubuntu (any currently supported release).

Some other users have had the same errors as me and are still working on a workaround.

The errors appear may be out of order.

My resolution is below. It works for me but cannot use the web installer to add ssh-key, alternative way add one.

# 1. Error: keyfile ‘/root/.ssh/’ not found.

root@dokku:~# ssh-keygen

# 2. File “/usr/share/dokku/contrib/”, line 23, in <module> if ‘:’ in hostname:

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