Getting in to the Crux of White House Daily Press Briefing with TEXT Analytics

Daily briefings to the Press from the White House briefing room gets published as a transcript on its website regularly. (Briefing dt. April’10th is available at this link)

Generally the content of the press briefings is a fairly long one. Sometimes with a number of important things happening, it’s difficult for some one to read the entire content to assimilate and make sense of what are the important events, plans and actions carried out by the President and the Government. Imagine if one has to understand a number of briefings posted over a week.

Using TEXT Analytics, Especially media analysts can quickly understand crux of the briefings through Context discovery that I made from the Apr’10th briefings.

  1. Topics: Topics are the keywords discovered that indicate the talking points from the briefing content. Said in another way, Topics describe what the briefings is all about. The topic discovered is shown below as a word cloud. From a specific topic word, one could look at /search specific content of interest.

2.Theme: Identifying Unique and Important terms

The word cloud given below provides cues to the distinct and important key words indicative of the context in the briefing content. Words that are bigger are in the higher rank (i.e. carry higher distinctiveness and importance) relative to the smaller ones.

From the Word cloud, we can intuitively understand the important aspects present in the context and then correlate it to the briefing.


Text Analytics and Context discovery can immensely help Media and other analysts to get in to the crux of the press briefings with less efforts and time.

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