Beauty In A Stranger

“Maybe the sun told the moon to tell the stars to align so perfectly that the chance of your meeting was destined from the start.”

— BB

What is so beautiful about a stranger? Is it the fact that you really know nothing, with the hopes of knowing everything? Is he patient? Is he kind? Can he love? Is it the long awaited good morning text messages or the phone calls? Why is he here? Maybe the sun told the moon to tell the stars to align so perfectly that the chance of your meeting was destined from the start. Maybe its the fact that astrology is never right and the water bearer, Aquarius and the crabby Cancer can and will live happily ever after. Is it the wedding day of your dreams, or the wedding night of your universe that you have hopes to share one day.

Feels like you’ve known him forever. Could it be from a past life? You often wonder what he hesitates about, does he not understand that to be with you is the safest place on earth? His secrets are safe…his ambitions are safe…his heart, is safe. You like him. Maybe because he’s handsome with eyes that could stop time, You envision staring into them, getting lost. Dancing with his lips until you run out of breath. Allowing your soul to speak to his until they begin to sing in unison. Finding solace in his embrace, finding shelter in his faithfulness, seeking comfort in his character.

Its got to be the possibilities. The possibility that hope actually exist for a guy from the Southside and a girl from the West. Hope, hope that phone calls will always go answered and text messages forever received, kisses always returned and feelings always shared. Maybe the sound, the sound of Boys II Men’s On Bended Knee and Prince’s Insatiable sounding great being played together, forever in the shuffle. It has to be the chance, the chance that we always pray to God for, in hopes of getting but scared as hell of having. The chance to prove everyone wrong, while trying to prove to one another why you’re so right. Chances to fall down, strength to get back up, and if all else fails, an opportunity to feel this way again.

For the lovers.

Originally published at on August 19, 2015.

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