The Eight Most Important Social Media Trends In 2022

Social media are fast-moving and constantly changing. They reflect social developments and thus constantly redefine the media industry. Consequently, trends can be derived from topics that occupy society, especially the tech industry. Therefore, eight social media trends are emerging in 2022 that you should consider in your online marketing strategy.

Do you want to make it big on Instagram and the like and always be at the forefront? No problem! In this article, we would like to introduce you to the eight most important social media trends for 2022.

Content of any kind should be kept short and snappy on social media. If posts are too long or complicated, users will switch off mentally. And because attention spans are known to be very low, positions need to be as concise as possible. In addition, the transience of content is still an exciting topic. Because of the expected temporal availability, an exclusive character is created. Therefore, users are more likely to consume content if it is no longer accessible tomorrow. For fear of missing out on something, they always check Stories to ensure they are up to date. Accordingly, features like Instagram stories remain essential and offer a great way to share content.

Besides the giants like Facebook and Instagram, smaller platforms are gaining more and more importance. Primarily TikTok has grown increasingly in 2020 and is especially popular with the younger target group. Therefore, it can be assumed that TikTok will continue to be one of the top platforms in 2022. Due to the Corona pandemic and the lockdowns that accompanied it, more and more users found their way to TikTok, as the social network offered the perfect entertaining pastime. Although the platform has now arrived in the middle of society, each company should decide whether TikTok makes sense to play on for its content. The first rule is always: the content must fit the platform and vice versa. This is primarily to emphasize that the view to the left and right must always be open in order not to miss any trend.

Social commerce through integrated stores has already found its way into social networks in 2021 and will increase even more in 2022. Seamless shopping via store functions allows users to have a much easier and more convenient shopping experience without switching platforms. So anyone selling products should consider whether integrating a store on their profile might be worthwhile. After all, social media platforms are the number one source for finding out about new brands.

Although virtual and augmented reality has been a topic for a long time, these technologies have only been used sparingly. This may be due, on the one hand, to the technical requirements and, on the other hand, to a change of mindset. With the new mobile communications standard 5G, there should be fewer technical prerequisites in the future. Unique and creative campaigns focusing more on VR and AR will also revolutionize social media this year. Especially with face-filter apps and similar functions on Instagram, Snapchat, and co., this social media trend will gain more and more importance in 2022.

In the meantime, many companies are moving toward relying on lesser-known individuals who nevertheless have strong credibility in their community. These so-called micro-influencers have fewer followers overall but can convey a high level of authenticity within their niche and promote products more inconspicuously and convincingly. It is worthwhile for companies in 2022 to continue to look for precisely these influencers to be able to implement more effective influencer marketing.

Moving images can convey information and emotions much better than purely textual posts. They attract attention and make users consume content more often and faster. As more and more video-based platforms enter the market, this form of information delivery will become a significant social media trend in 2022, with experts predicting that over 80 percent of all content will be video shortly. This is also reflected in the popularity of Stories, IGTVs, and Reels. Especially Reels, as a new Instagram feature, could already convinced in 2020 and will also play a significant role in 2022. But remember that authenticity is also crucial here in addition to entertaining content.

When the sender-receiver model is no longer valid, many companies are using the possibilities offered by user-generated content. UGC can be a decisive factor when exchanging information with customers or followers. Users’ self-generated content can be a strategic tool in online marketing. Companies can achieve this, for example, through a targeted call or participation contest via social networks. The advancing technology nowadays enables users to co-design content quickly, efficiently, and creatively and to get in touch with companies or people. Thus, this form of the campaign generates direct dialogue and the conditions of a bond with the user. USG is also expected to gain even more importance as a social media trend in 2022.

Companies should be aware of the effectiveness of corporate profiles on Instagram & Co. This is not just about showing the public and customers what the brand is but also about taking a stand and appearing genuine via the account. Companies and startups should therefore become aware of their corporate social responsibility and deal more with sustainable and social issues. And this should also be done increasingly on social media.

To this end, companies can also increasingly rely on employees who can act as multipliers and brand ambassadors. When people find out about a company, they are much more likely to believe an employee than a CEO or a journalist. As a company, you should therefore focus on employees and colleagues and let them speak for the company. This increases not only the credibility of customers but also that of employees.

So if you’re looking to get in on the action on various social media platforms, these eight trends should help you keep your content topical. But be careful — don’t start blindly, but think about developing a meaningful strategy for yourself from these trends. It is essential that you communicate consistently and follow a vision. Try to approach it to step by step and be inspired by others. It would help if you remembered that the way you communicate must always match the content to remain authentic.

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