10 apps i wish i had

  1. lie/ BS detector that detects a lie based on the other person’s body language- a real time polygraph for social interactions.
  2. A ‘save me from my awkward’ * gotta go sounds about right.
  3. A ‘one size fits all’ app for online purchases. the whole US vs UK size charts result in a mish-mash of purchased items
  4. A face-beat transfer template. self-explanatory really.
  5. 3D virtual shop *because browsing is the new window shopping and no.3 explains this
  6. face recognition for dummies *it breadcrumbs names and context for those forgetful awkward i know you from somewhere moments.
  7. interior for dummies that works as a floor plan/re planner based on room size and layout cross referenced with your select blogs/magazines online. or it just gives alternative layouts for existing furniture.
  8. kareoke improv *for times you don’t wanna leave the house but still want to party. complete with an auto-tune option for the listen to the message and not my voice kinda days.
  9. food-combo app *take a photo and it shows variations of meals for the same ingredients (prep & cook time included). this should exist somewhere across the sea so maybe localisation.
  10. a feedly for podcasts. beyondpod should be able to do this but i haven’t tried it.

i made this list pre-google and a quick search might reveal a few existing apps that i was too lazy to look up.

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