iBooks Feels Abandoned

I’ve been reading ebooks for many years. Starting with a Sony Reader, eventually using Kindle and Nook, and then iBooks.

While Apple’s iBooks wasn’t the best option, I was all-in with Apple devices and services, so it just made the most sense to use it. It started out pretty barebones, but one assumed they would add features and bring some great ideas to the platform. If you’re like me and thought this would be the case, sadly we were wrong.

After years of waiting for Apple to actually DO something with iBooks, I’m over the waiting. Apple treats books like 3rd class citizens. They sell them if you want to buy them, but don’t really care to do much with the experience.

Compare this to Kindle and Amazon, who have been adding great features over time. They’ve purchased Audible for audiobooks, and integrated them into Kindle books. This lets users read and listen at the same time, or read and pick up listening right at that spot at a later date. Apple has nothing like this.

Compare this to the comic reading app Amazon bought, Comixology. It really has some great reading features for comics and graphic novels. iBooks barely handles displaying comics in a logical way.

Compare this to GoodReads, the social network Amazon bought. It allows users to get great recommendations, find lists, share with friends, join groups or clubs, and more. Apple has reviews on the iTunes Store.

The Kindle platform has features such as popular highlights, limited lending of some titles, Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Matchbook, X-ray for books, and more. Sure some of these features are great, some are hindered by book publishers, but they have them and are constantly pushing reading forward. Apple. iBooks. It’s got nothing. It has a dictionary. Yay!

Listen, I’m an Apple fanatic. I buy all my movies through iTunes, subscribe to Apple Music, have all Apple devices in my home, and have been using iBooks for a while. Constantly going back to Kindle for certain titles however, because the selection is just better, especially if I am interested in the audiobook companion. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that Amazon’s book platform has nothing to really worry about from iBooks. Apple has totally dropped the ball. They should turn the page on iBooks, it’s a total joke.

This doesn’t mean I won’t continue to USE iBooks. It’s simply “easier” for me to keep using what I’ve been using, even with my dabbles in the much better “Kindle Platform”. I’m just hoping they can turn this joke into something worthwhile. Please.

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