Lessons Learnt From Time With Myself

How I’ve felt the last few days…

Over the last few days I’ve spoken fewer words than any similar period of time in my life. It’s a bit strange to be honest. However, as a result I’ve done a lot of thinking, and here’s a few of the lessons I’ve learnt. I’m not going to go into how I came to each insight, or even necessarily what it means, I’m just sharing what came to me.

  • I need to work less, by working more.
  • My wife is incredible (Why do the women in our lives tolerate so much from us? Seriously, can anyone out there answer that..?)
  • I need to push her forward and ‘have her back’ until she believes she’s worthy of being there herself.
  • I’m not meant to be by myself. This time has been good, but I’m truly nourished by the craziness and belonging I get from my family. We are beings of community.
  • I need to give far less of a fuck about the things I shouldn’t give a fuck about. That goes for leeches, the peddlers, the liars, the narcissists, the takers, the people that say they will, but won’t, and the people that only reach out when they need something.
  • I need to relinquish control. Not to anyone, or anything specific, just away from myself. This more than anything is what stresses me.
  • I need to accept that more often than not, I’m wrong about what the future holds. This is a good thing and why I need release the need for control.
  • I need to remind myself daily why I’m doing all this.
  • I need to consistently find time to clear my head.
  • I need to look after myself, mentally and physically, so I can better look after my family. The first step is to get on top of that random anxious feeling I get in the pit of my stomach.
  • I need to stop thinking my life will go ‘viral’ at some point, and instead start to put the building blocks in place for where I want to be in five years.
  • I need to put myself in unfamiliar situations more often.
  • I need to connect with more people that think like I do.