Beautiful Software Awards Gala

Excited to announce that John Calian, SVP of T-Labs, will be one of the judges at the Beautiful Software Awards Gala.

When: October 26th, 2019

Where: Berlin, at the Waldorf Astoria

Apply for an award at the inaugural Beautiful Software Awards! You will have an excellent opportunity to showcase your software to the community in Berlin.

The event was created to celebrate Berlin’s technology community, to showcase the beautiful software being built by the ecosystem players, and to honor the spirit of the Bauhaus movement. There are ten awards to apply for, check them out on the website:

And, if you simply want to attend apply to purchase a ticket.

Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs)

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Some experts & scientists (+ entrepreneurs) from a variety of disciplines, from more than 25 nations all work together at T-Labs.

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