T-Labs meets POP@re:publica18 — Blockchain for a digital society

At re:publica T-Labs together with Jolocom, BigchainDB and Riddle&Code proudly showcase how collaboration fosters innovation and contributes to society. Distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) show the potential to not only disrupt industries, but also everyone’s daily life. Various blockchain use cases — from digital identities, logistics applications to crypto-currencies — prove how DLTs could be one step further to the fully digitized society.

John Calian, VP Telekom Blockchain Group and Head of T-Labs, opened on May 2, the blockchain track and addressed a shift of enterprise role towards being a social enabler, contributor and partner for sustainable social development. Having in mind the enterprise mission, but also considering the social impact of new technologies generates a paradigm shift.

HashstaX — The future of blockchain for business

With hashstaX businesses focus solely on deploying E2E business use cases by building apps on the hashstaX Operating Stack that empowers the creation of functionalities agnostically of the underlying blockchain technology.

hashstaX enables you to build business apps without being confined to the technological boundaries of one type of blockchain. Moreover, with its unique plug-and-play replacements and combinations, you can use your desired blockchain technologies without even touching a line of code.

By offering on-premise, cloud-based managed solutions you are in full control of your blockchain apps.

Partners of T-Labs:

Research. Develop. Impact. http://bit.ly/_tlabs

Research. Develop. Impact. http://bit.ly/_tlabs