The Trusted IoT Alliance (TIOTA) meets in Berlin

On January 26, 2018 the second member’s meeting of the Trusted IoT Alliance (TIOTA) took place in Berlin. Following an invitation from the blockchain group at the Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) more than 70 international TIOTA guests came together with representatives from a variety of departments at T-Systems and other parts of Deutsche Telekom. They met in the Kontakthof in Deutsche Telekom’s offices in the Winterfeldtstrasse in Berlin to discuss blockchain and the Internet of things. T-Labs had organized the meeting to get to know the new members and to get involved in the latest projects.

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T-Labs Blockchain Group sponsored the event in Berlin

TIOTA aims to “modify the blockchain infrastructure to enable secure IoT ecosystems”. Its founding members included Bosch, Cisco and Gemalto and, in the meantime, it has grown to 37 members with several medium-sized companies, a few larger international concerns and over 25 startups from the USA, Europe and Asia.

In November 2017 T-Labs also decided to join TIOTA to experiment, to learn and to drive distributed ledger technologies (DLT) within the IoT sector, always having in mind the huge potential of the “economy of things”.

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Dirk Slama, Bosch, discussing the importance of TIOTA for the industry

The first hour of the event was dedicated to networking and was then followed by a welcome speech from the TIOTA’s executive director, Zaki Manian. Dirk Slama, the chief alliance officer at Bosch Software Innovations and Anoop Nannra, the head of blockchain/DLT initiatives at Cisco also attended the event and saluted the initiative to organize the meeting and get everyone together in Berlin.

John Calian, the vice president of the blockchain group and Co-Lead of T-Labs, then presented possible enterprise applications. He showed how DLT can be used effectively, especially in the IoT domain, and asked for further efforts in research & development to jointly meet the growing demand for IoT solutions.

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John Calian, T-Labs, explaining the blockchain R&D efforts of the lab

This was followed by parallel working groups either on blockchain, IoT protocols or on legal smart contracts.

As with most events, the guests were the most important part of this successful event. There was a lot of thought about future options with some lively discussions, ultimately agreeing on how to promote innovations in this new field.

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