The Inevitable

For more reasons than one, we all resent problems. Unfortunately, adversity is the inevitable variable in all things great. No matter what you’re pursuing road blocks will be apart of your journey. What matters most, is what you do when you’ve come across them.

Will it still be worth it?

You’ve given relentless time and effort to a project you feel strongly about. You’ve prepared yourself for the success and celebration following the project. Upon completion, you don’t receive a portion of the results you had set out for. Will it still be worth it? The answer is Yes.

When ends don’t fully meet and expectations aren’t fulfilled, doubt usually sets in. I get it, the inevitable happened and you weren’t prepared for it. Your initial follow up should be reversing the psychology behind your mishap. Small struggles are associated to small successes. Great struggles are associated to great successes. No matter what the pursuit, all things great endure great struggle and adversity.

Some things you have control over, others you do not. It is not your position in life to worry over anything you cannot control. Proper preparation and mental toughness will succeed all adversities. Being optimistic about the result you receive no matter your initial expectation is major. The inevitable will always happen, how will you react?

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