Powpress is bootstrapping a new data publishing paradigm, reversing the dynamics of how the publishing ecosystem works, by utilizing Bitcoin.

And it’s completely free to use because it unbundles the blockchain aspect from Bitcoin while still taking full advantage of various other Bitcoin powers without forcing users to post things to the blockchain.

The push web, powered by bitcoin

In a “pull” model, a piece of content pulls in traffic to a website (the current web). On the other hand, in the new “push” based model the content is instead pushed out to everywhere that matters (powpress) therefore the metric of “traffic” itself becomes irrelevant. …

Today we are releasing an important update to Bitbus. It brings completeness to our suite of APIs by finally supporting every combination of data serialization format and API types.


This has been one of the most frequently requested features ever since our first release of Bitbus 2.0.

Until today, Bitbus only had a TXO endpoint. As of today, now we have both TXO bitbus AND BOB Bitbus.

What does this mean? This means all endpoints for all our APIs have reached feature parity. …

How Miner APIs work with Bitbus, Bitsocket, and BitFS.

Planaria corp runs API endpoints which let anyone filter, crawl, and listen to the global state of the bitcoin network in realtime. There are 3 official API endpoints:

  1. Bitbus: Filter and stream the blockchain data with a simple query language.
  2. Bitsocket: Listen to filtered blockchain events using the query language.
  3. BitFS: Reference large data chunks on the blockchain with an immutable Bitcoin native URI.

Planaria Global State Engine

These APIs make it effortless to implement interoperable features and modules that work across multiple applications, taking advantage of the globally shared database that is the blockchain. One such example is Bitpic:

Opening up bitcoin event database endpoint to the public

Today we are opening up our bitcoin event database API to the public.

Now you can directly crawl the same timestamped event database that powers Bitsocket. This means you not only can subscribe to incoming events via SSE (server sent events), but you can also crawl the entire event history up to 24 hours. You’ll never miss a relevant event again.

How is this related to Bitsocket?

I have a sad news today. I first got started working on Bitcoin when I saw the opportunity arise when Bitcoin cash started showing dedication to unbounded scaling. Then there was an attempt to hijack Bitcoin, and I chose Bitcoin SV.

It has been an incredible journey. That said, I am sad to say, I am not a fan of what’s happening in Bitcoin SV community. I am leaving Bitcoin.

Just kidding. 4/1.

Launching something cool today. A blog post coming.

UPDATE 12:40PM EST 4/1/2020: see our new release announcement — Introducing Bitcoin event database:

You too, can mine for data on Bitcoin. Effortlessly.

1. 新世紀

2. BitFS: Bitcoin file system

3. Bitbus: Bitcoin crawler

4. Bitsocket: Bitcoin realtime API

5. Conclusion

1. 新世紀

it’s a new world

The Bitcoin of 2020 is a completely new world compared to the Bitcoin of 2018. There are two important ways the game has changed:

  1. Protocol: What is the protocol capable of doing?
  2. Consensus: What are miners willing to do?

The recipe for success is when the protocol is capable of encoding all kinds of monetizable things and concepts, and miners are willing to mine as many such transactions as possible.


As of the February Genesis update, all bitcoin…

A New transaction data format for the Bitcoin Genesis Update

Much of the innovation with systems developed by Planaria corp has been around how it represents Bitcoin transactions. BitDB was the first system to extract data from a bitcoin transaction into a generic structured database. To turn raw transactions into a queryable structured format, TXO serialization format was created.

Then as developers started using OP_RETURN scripts in various creative ways by piping one into another (through Bitcom pipeline scheme), it became important to invent a new serialization format: BOB.

With Genesis update however, TXO may be all we need since all restrictions are gone. All bitcoin script limits are lifted…

Build realtime bitcoin apps.

We are releasing BitSocket 2.0, a production grade global bitcoin push notification API service, completely re-designed from scratch for unbounded scalability. I originally launched the very first version 1.0 of Bitsocket in October of 2018.

Because Bitsocket provided a powerful programmable realtime filter of the Bitcoin peer network, it gained a lot of attention and usage, and have even been forked by developers from several other blockchains for their own usage.

But the problem is, the original model of Bitsocket (Bitsocket 1.0) doesn’t scale in the world of gigabyte+ blocks.

BitSocket 2.0 was rebuilt from scratch to fix many of…

Be the first people to join me at Planaria corp, in New York City.

Planaria corp, a Bitcoin infrastructure company, has recently raised a seed round, and now looking to build a strong cohesive team in New York.

You will be working out of the same room with me full-time as a team, which means you will need to move to New York if you don’t live in New York already. After all, our goal is to take over New York City. Can’t do it without you being here. And can’t do it without forming a strong cohesive team where everyone can communicate face-to-face everyday, and learn a lot together. …

I am happy to share that Planaria corp has closed its seed round investment of $1.65MM from Ausvic Capital, Calvin Ayre, John Coyle, Ken Shishido, Mempool, Persimmon Hill Limited, and Unbounded Capital (In alphabetical order).

My goal from the beginning was to get a diverse yet focused group of investors involved. And I think I’ve successfully managed to find a great group.

The round was carried out as a mass syndication. Mass syndication is the opposite approach to traditional VC fundraising. Instead of a lead investor leading by writing a term sheet and the founder agreeing to the terms after…

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