Out of the womb of the millennial generation, there is a movement that is growing out of its young adulthood and into its adulthood.

Young Adulthood is a time of rapid growth, you become self aware, you realize your potential, you develop the ability of abstract thinking, and effective execution. You start to meet the demands of the real word, your relationships mature and you figure out what it is your passionate about.

Cue in modern day Entrepreneurship. With inspirations like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Larry Paige these can be likened to the fathers of modern day entrepreneurship. These are FOUNDERS of incredible ideas, and then companies, and then entire industries. They continue to trail blaze the way we live life and there is an entire generation of inspired youth looking to follow in their fathers footsteps. Here lies a problem.

If I learned anything about growing up, it was that trying to follow your parents footsteps, can be one of the most exhausting and ultimately unfulfilling things in the world. Yet, as an entire generation of young adults looking to make our mark on the world, we may be making the same exhausting and unfulfilling mistake.

There is nothing wrong with having such incredible role-models, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to follow their footsteps. But one thing that has to be realized, was that these leaders followed in nobody’s footsteps. Sure, they had role models, but every ultra successful entrepreneur we know today, made their OWN mark, in their OWN way.

What I am getting at is, before being the founders of incredible ideas, they were founders of themselves. Here lies a solution.

Whatever your age is, whatever stage you’re at in your company or personal growth, if you truly want to model the fathers of modern industry, then you must do what all of them did. Find yourself. Because when you find yourself, you know exactly how you’re going to impact the world, in your own way, with your own magnitude, with your own sense of purpose.

When you are found, you unlock a universal force that cannot be stopped, no matter what your mission is. When you are found, your manifestations are pure and have a lasting impact. When you are found, you find the answers that you’ve been so desperately looking for in other people.

Let’s all become founders.