Self Driving Cars News of the Week

As the future draws ever closer and people with awful tattoos become grandparents, autonomous technology is branching out into areas beyond their initial scope of creating cars that might give you a late night boost into damn near every aspect of the driving experience.A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies! Let’s check out what the pros have to say in the Self Driving Cars News of the Week!

Google Building Own Self-Driving LiDAR, Radar and Vision Systems

Wards Auto reports that Waymo’s CEO, John Crafcik, announced at the North American International Auto Show that Waymo does not intend to compete with traditional automakers in building and selling cars but does intend to compete with automotive suppliers of self driving hardware such as radar, LiDAR and vision systems. Thus Google proves that The Wire was the best television program of all time: when you start following the money…

Next Gen Nissan Leaf Coming ‘Soon’ with Propilot Autonomous Tech

Motor Trend has details of the announcement made by Nissan at CES that the next generation Leaf electric would come ‘very soon’ and would feature ProPilot autonomous technology. The automaker also unveiled its ‘seamless autonomous mobility’ system that will pair autonomous tech with a remote based ‘command center’ to assist with problems while on the road. Impressive, but slightly disappointing for those who were hoping that Seamless technology meant food delivery to their cars.

Automated Driver, Closed Course: We Ride in Audi and Nvidia?s Self-Driving Q7

Car and Driver has a review of the Audi Q7 autonomous vehicles that debuted at the 2017 CES, where they announced a partnership with Nvidia and proclaimed their goal of building a fully autonomous vehicle by 2020. Their autonomous Deep Learning concept relies on neural networks and well as driving session completed by a human for information. No word if the next models will be known as ‘The Matrix’ officially, or just colloquially.

BMW Brought a Sculpture to CES to Show Us the Future of Autonomous Interiors

Auto Blog was in attendance when the quintessentially proletariat BMW showed just how humble and connected they are to the working man by bringing a sculpture to the CES of what the future of autonomous cars will look like. Apparently in the future, cars have no wheels, some kind of broccoli reserve under the backseat and bookshelves because, in the future we’ll actually still have books even though we won’t be using wheels on our cars. In other news, Art Basel expressed gratitude to CES for lightening the load of pretentious art this year.

We Can’t Have The ‘City Of Tomorrow’ Or Autonomous Cars Until We Fix Our Garbage Roads

Jalopnik has a great essay about the recent TED talk that Ford automakers gave at this year’s Detroit Auto Show about ‘cities of the future’ and the feasibility of this idea with the current state of US infrastructure. Without a serious overhaul of the federal transportation system and significant investment in large scale infrastructure works, the reality of US roads is that they are ill equipped for incoming technology. Good thing there’s an incoming administration that really cares about federal spending, stimulus, and has a vice president who loves trains, huh? Oh, wait…

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