Vinadvisor’s Roundup of this Week’s Best Auto Reporting

In a week where reporters have had it worse than that time when Jimmy Olsen had to stand by and watch Clark Kent get the girl, what better way to celebrate our tireless media than to tip our hats to the very best of them? Without any further ado, our roundup!

Volkswagen Pleads Guilty to Felonies, to Pay $4.3 Billion, in Dieselgate Pact

Richard Read has an up to the minute account of the Volkswagen deal with the US government that brings the shark jumpingly named ‘Dieselgate’ investigation to a conclusion. The payouts total in the billions, and come with an admission of felony charges for violating US law. Because, you know, US law doesn’t have enough going on these days.

Beware These Mystery Devices that Start Cars for Thieves

Tara Baukus Mello brings us another dispatch from the brave new world with a story about unknown devices that have been in use for the past two years by thieves to break into and steal cars with push button ignition and keyless remote. The NCIB recently obtained one of these unknown devices (which makes them, known?) and tested it on 35 different makes and models to see if cars could indeed be opened and transported, with troubling results. Good luck sleeping tonight!

Elio Motors Backfires Again: Debuts Delayed Until 2018

James Raia reports that in another blow to hope, the adorable and much anticipated three wheel vehicle by Elio Motors will be delayed by at least another year. The company lists 100,000$ in the bank and is operating at a debt of more than $123 million, according to the SEC. Sounds like Elio might have taken out some serious student loans but hey, we’ve all been there.

8 Crazy Florida Cars For Sale on Autotrader

Doug De Muro takes us through the rabbit hole to that mysterious wonderland known as Florida with a look at some of the most outlandish vehicles for sale in the Sunshine State. Among them are a 1989 Dodge Van with the Florida Department of Health seal on it (perfect for blossoming serial killers) and a 2008 Saturn Sky Red Line with dragon fire detailing and a matching trailer. See that, bath salts aren’t all bad!

Vice President Biden visits the North American International Auto Show

Jill Ciminillo gives us our feel good story of the day with reports of everyone’s favorite Uncle, Joe Biden, making a surprise appearance at the North American International Auto Show this week. The Vice President of our Hearts and Memes talked to auto workers and checked out the newest Silverado model on the floor. He then quoted a Seamus Heaney poem, gave some stellar finger guns, whipped out his best pair of aviators and spirited away in a custom Amtrak bullet train with the words ‘Joey Bubbles’ airbrushed on the side.

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